Higher Fire Pottery Workshop

Higher Fire Pottery Workshop

Being food blogger making your own cutlery is like a dream come true. I never tried it before but thanks to my friend Rupali for this great idea and Shweta for finding out about this amazing pottery workshop in San Jose. The occasion was celebrating a dear friend’s birthday by doing something creative which we will cherish for always 🙂


It was Meena’s birthday and we made our own bowls, pots and beautiful customized plates at Higher Fire Pottery Studio.

Higher Fire is both a teaching studio and contemporary ceramics gallery. Classes for adults in wheel throwing and hand building are offered in many packages to suit a variety of schedules. Workshops are offered by local and nationally known potters. They provide private lessons too.

Our workshop started with a tour of the studio. We were shown the steps in which pottery is made. Seeing so many different types of pots was a feast for eyes 🙂 I felt like taking all of them home.

01-Meenu Birthday 2016



After taking the tour it was time to start the workshop. We wore our aprons and were ready show some pottery magic.Our tutor Dan Dremer who is also the owner of the studio was super good and very patient with us. He should us techniques to shape and design our pots on the wheel. After making two pots on the wheel our next session was making plates.





It was an interesting session as we could use tons on plate imprints design to make our customized plates. Best part was meena cutting the clay cake and was also gifted a clay crown by the studio as the birthday gift.


Isn’t it a great idea to celebrate birthday in such a creative way 🙂 You never know you may love this activity and take it up to the next level 🙂

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Red dress





Here is the gallery to all the pics