Mothers Day 2017

Crave Cook Click Mother’s Day Photoshoot Fundraiser 2017

Every year I raise funds for Team Asha by doing a Mother’s Day Photoshoot Fundraiser for my Crave Cook Click Facebook Group. This year I photographed 34 Moms with their kids, their moms and their mother in laws on 6th May, Saturday 2017. I clicked around 6000 pictures and the event went on from 9.30 am to 8pm.The event was a big success and I was able to raise around $1,530. Every mom donated $45 dollars to the cause.

Mothers Day 2017
I raised funds for Asha for Education, a non-profit organization, working to bring socio-economic change in India through education of underprivileged children. It is a lot of time commitment and a huge challenge to train for a marathon. But despite all the challenges, I am constantly motivated knowing that the funds I raise could mean the difference between education and poverty for underprivileged children.

Below mentioned is the link to my fundraising page and more about Team Asha

I am planning to do similar photoshoot for Father’s Day, If you are interested mention your details on this link.

I do portrait sessions on regular basis and if you plan to get one done message me on

Names of Moms from Crave Cook Click Facebook Group who attended photoshoot and donated for this cause is mentioned below. I can’t thank them enough for believing in my cause

Megha Gharat

Radhika Karandikar

Nutan Paprikar

Piyali Sarkar

Ranjini Kay

Madhura Khadilkar

Mothers Day 2017

Avani Kamdar

Vanita Jain

Deepta Avantsa

Medha Samant

Pashmina Mukhi

Ravali Chalasani

Mothers Day 2017

Urja Patel

Jinny Singh

Archana Appanna

Anuradha Shanware

Kanika Saxena

3-1-Mothers day small2

Sushma Sri

Neha Patil

Vaibhavi Pisolkar

Manisha Phadke

Arati Deo

Vandana Daga

Mothers Day 2017

Uttara Altekar

Priya Shankar

Asavari Gavankar

Ankita Nema

Tejal Khot

Pallavi Joshi

Payal Khot

Shital Singh

Mothers Day 2017

Maithili Bobde

Sonal Bathe

Anita Sans

Mothers day small5

Here is the receipt of the donation

You can see last 2014 & 2015 years photoshoot pics on this link

Here is the gallery of individual pics from this year’s shoot.