My Little Baker..Khushi

My Little Baker..Khushi

Khushi is my friend Urja’s daughter. She is 4 years old and is one of my best friend 🙂 We play together, dance on hindi songs, fight also sometime and most important apply lip balm to each other 🙂

My Little Baker..Khushi

She was my first model when I started photography 3yrs back. She patiently poses for me and gives me the heart melting  smile too 🙂 I know there are too many smilies flying here but that’s what she is about..smiles, happiness, cheerfulness, naughtiness, her name means KHUSHI 🙂

Last weekend she had come over and I casually asked her if she wants to eat cookies. She said yes and I decided to bake them fresh with the Scoop n Bake cookie dough.  To my surprise she not only ate but also made these cookies.  It was so fun much seeing her bake that I couldn’t stop myself from capturing these moments. She was so engrossed in the entire process. Made sure that the cookies are of exact heart shape, added choco chips and sprinkles to them.  When i was about to put the cookies in the oven she reminded me to wear oven mitts 🙂 I was truly amazed by her.

I guess a future BAKER is in making 🙂




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