Missing Mumbai

“Distance Makes Heart Grow More Fonder”.
I always thought that the above saying is only applicable to friends & family but sooner I realised that it also applies to places…especially for a place like MUMBAI.I wish she was an individual and I could convey my feelings but never mind,all thanks to facebook that atleast I can write on my wall “I miss Mumbai”:)
English: Mumbai Skyline

English: Mumbai Skyline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Few months back I moved to California.Everything seems new and exciting.So many things to explore but at the bottom of the heart the comparison is with Mumbai.The journey of memories in Mumbai commences every now and then.Growing up in the city which never sleeps to moving to a city which is fast asleep by 10pm is difficult.No doubt everything is perfect here…the infrastructure,the discipline, and cleanliness but still I miss those crowded railway stations and the chaos.No doubt I get to relish every Indian cuisine here also, however my taste buds end up missing the pani puri at the dadar chowpatty.

Pani puri, Mumbai

Pani puri, Mumbai (Photo credit: gsz)

Driving in Mumbai was more of adventure and challenge than a task.Anyone and everyone at any instance can land up in front of your car and such situations can do nothing better but improve your patience and anger management.(P.S.-In India there is no law as “Always Yield to Pedestrians” but still Indians are born brave to consider main roads as gardens and stroll).But trust me I loved driving in Mumbai as it involved so much of interactions with the fellow car drivers and pedestrians 🙂 All Indians can definately relate to what I am actually talking about.
Marine Lines - Pearl necklace, Mumbai

Marine Lines – Pearl necklace, Mumbai (Photo credit: Manish Prabhune(マニッシュ))

The nightlife in Mumbai was like an icing on the cake.I miss the bollywood music which was the beat of every pub there.What can be more delicious than the Burji Pav on the streets of mumbai at any hour in the night? Festivals are like lifeline for the Mumbaiites.Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri and Diwali made the city look like a bride.Along with the place the spirit of the people made the city lively.

Walk at the Worli seaface,partying in Bandra,strolling at Shivaji Park,peaceful time at Ganesh Udyan Mandir,eating in Andheri,long drives at marine drive, watching the sunset at the Chowpatty,enjoying the vada pav at dadar station and gola at juhu chowpatty, beautiful memories of college life,coffee at Carter road, and so many moments spent at home.I can keep on praising and penning how much I miss her all time.I guess its like being in love, that inspite of all imperfections you still continue loving and missing your loved ones.
Gola aur Golgappa

Gola aur Golgappa (Photo credit: shande)

Ganesh Visarjan at Girgaum Chowpatty c.2007

Ganesh Visarjan at Girgaum Chowpatty c.2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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