Off the Grid in Presidio, San Francisco

Off the Grid, San Francisco

Off the Grid in Presidio, San Francisco is your roaming mobile food extravaganza bringing you delicious food, with free sides of music, craft and soul. You can check out all your favorite gourmet food vendors in one place – creating markets like you’ve never seen before.

Off the Grid in Presidio, San Francisco

Actually our plan was to go to San Francisco Food Festival on the weekend but came to know that it was way too crowded so we changed our plans and visited Off the Grid in Presidio, San Francisco. It is there every Sunday from 11am to 4pm

We don’t regret the decision at all as this place was just awesome 🙂 It’s like a picnic open to everyone. Tons of food trucks parked around offering multi cuisine delicacies and beverages. You just need to get a picnic mat, buy your food from food truck and relax in a park facing the pacific ocean!

Taco trucks used to be a big hit, and probably still is. Now imagine..instead of tacos, you get all sorts of variety! Asian fusion, Mexican-Filipino fusion, desserts, American, seafood, and much more!! Food trucks have become a big hit in the bay, and instead of going to separate areas or corners looking for trucks, you can always go to the Off the Grid! 

We bought some great lamb, chicken and veg biryani from a food truck and it just costed us 40 dollars. The food is priced responsibly. Another fantastic find was ricotta cheese fritters with various sweet sauces. It was so unique.  One dozen fritters for 10 dollars..can you beat that? Another fab dessert was Caramel and Vanilla Creme Brulee. The Patatas bravas were equally tasty. Paella, Icecream, Cookies, Thai food, Wings, name it and you find it at Off The Grid

This is a must go if you want to do a nice chilled picnic with friends and family in San Francisco.

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Here are some pics from our fabulous day 🙂 Click on page 1, 2 and 3 for all pics!