Lovejoy’s Tea Room Tea Party

Lovejoy’s Tea Room Tea Party

Lovejoy’s Tea Room is a cozy quirky place filled with mismatch china and furniture-where handmade tea cozies, broken china mosaics and an eclectic assortment of collectibles will delight your eyes. Warm scones, tasty tea sandwiches and a bottomless pot of tea is awaiting you:)


We celebrated a friend’s baby shower there and I had the opportunity to capture the event in my lens. It was a fun get together which made us feel that we are somewhere in England rather than California 🙂
The ambience, sandwiches, scones and varieties of tea served in interesting arena of teapots just amaze you.

The money you pay is not for the food but for the experience. So what are you waiting for?? Wear your fancy hats, nice gowns and head to Lovejoy’s Tea Room 🙂

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