Nutella Waffle Icecream

Waffle Nutella Ice cream Recipe

Waffles Nutella Icecream is the quickest and easiest dessert which can be made with waffles, almonds, ice-cream and nutella.

Nutella Waffle Icecream

It was made by my friend Puja when we visited our friend Thillai at her new place. After eating yummy prawns curry, fish curry and rice, we craved for some dessert. Puja came up with this amazing yet quick dessert recipe.

Nutella Waffle Icecream


Frozen waffles or make instant waffles

Vanilla icecream

Chopped and roasted almond slices



Toast the waffles

Add scoop of ice cream

Top it up with nutella and roasted almonds

Serve immediately

Nutella Waffle Icecream

Thillai’s gift..A Meteor shower captured by me printed and framed! We went to see this meteor shower together last month at Mount Hamilton.

Nutella Waffle Icecream