J E Perry Farms, Ardenwood

Visit to J.E. Perry Farms in Ardenwood

Last weekend we visited the J. E. Perry Farms in Ardenwood in Fremont, California.

J.E.Perry is an uniquely urban organic farm – located in the heart of the Tri-Cities area – serving Fremont/Newark/Union City and all the greater south-eastern Alameda County communities. Perry Farms supplies organic produce to large wholesalers, local grocery and farmers markets all over California.

We had a chance to meet J. E. Perry. My dad has keen interest in farming and this trip gave him lot of insight about the way farming is done in California. We got to visit the cauliflower, cabbage and corn plantations as well as the cold storage facility. For me the best part was shopping organic goodies at their fresh produce section 🙂

J E Perry Farms, Ardenwood

Here are some more pics from our visit