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Fried Modak Recipe

Fried Modak is sweet deep fried wheat dumplings stuffed with jaggery and coconut filling. These are made as offering to Lord Ganesh during Ganesh Chaturthi. They are very famous in Western Maharashtra.

IMG 8125 21 Fried Modak Recipe The stuffing for Fried Modak is similar to that of Ukadiche Modak. The outer cover of this modak is made from wheat flour and the Ukadiche modak has a rice flour covering. Ukadiche Modak are steamed unlike Fried modak which is deep fried.I made Ukadiche Modak last week which are my favorite. Ritesh likes Fried Modak more, so these are for him and obviously for Ganpati Bappa:)

IMG 8053 Fried Modak Recipe


To make outer cover IMG 8128 2 Fried Modak Recipe2 cup wheat Flour1 cup water4 tbsp gheepinch of Salt

To make stuffing2 cup shredded Coconut2 cup Jaggery4 tbsp Poppy seedsCardamom powderRoasted cashewnuts and raisins


To make outer coverMix wheat flour and salt in a bowl.Add water and knead well.At the end add ghee and knead again. Keep it aside for 15 mins.14 Fried Modak Recipe To make stuffingIn a pan, roast the poppy seeds.Once they are roasted well add the shredded coconut and jaggery. Mix everything well.Finally add cardamom powder and cashewnuts. The stuffing is ready.

15 Fried Modak Recipe

IMG 71151 Fried Modak Recipe

To make modakTake small balls of the dough, roll it into small puris. To make the modak crispy the puri should be thin.To make modak of same size cut out the puri with a round shaped cutter. I have used the cover of a container.

23 Fried Modak RecipeNow spread spoonful of stuffing over the puri.Fold the edges as shown in the picture and gather them in the center.  Seal it properly.34 Fried Modak Recipe

IMG 7997 Fried Modak RecipeHeat oil and deep fry the modaks. The oil should be not too hot as the modak can get burnt and remain uncooked from inside. Stir them at regular interval to make sure that they are cooked from all sides.

43 Fried Modak RecipeStore them in an air tight container.Serve them hot.

IMG 8114 2 Fried Modak Recipe

IMG 8041 Fried Modak Recipe

IMG 7954 Fried Modak RecipeIMG 8072 Fried Modak RecipeIMG 8095 2 Fried Modak Recipe

IMG 7978 Fried Modak Recipe

IMG 8127 Fried Modak Recipe

IMG 8186 Fried Modak Recipe

IMG 8125 2 Fried Modak Recipe

IMG 7969 Fried Modak Recipe

IMG 8109 21 Fried Modak Recipe

gn 2 660x466 Fried Modak Recipe

IMG 0471 2 660x440 Fried Modak Recipe

IMG 0503 2 440x660 Fried Modak Recipe

Watch the Youtube Video for the recipe


 Fried Modak Recipe
pixel Fried Modak Recipe

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