Thali Vegetarian- Restaurant Review

Thali Vegetarian in Santa Clara serves the famous Gujarati Thali which consists of all the four components cereal, pulses, vegetables and rice with supplements like pickle, chutney, papad, buttermilk and salad and therefore it makes a perfect balanced diet.
Gujarati’s make use of various spices in different combination to add taste and flavor to their meals. This is one of the most magnetizing factors that make the Gujarati cuisine truly exotic and spectacular.
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They offer three kinds of Thali’s – a regular Gujarati thali, a vegan thali and a Jain thali.


Missing Mumbai

“Distance Makes Heart Grow More Fonder”.
I always thought that the above saying is only applicable to friends & family but sooner I realised that it also applies to places…especially for a place like MUMBAI.I wish she was an individual and I could convey my feelings but never mind,all thanks to facebook that atleast I can write on my wall “I miss Mumbai”:)
Mumbai Missing Mumbai

English: Mumbai Skyline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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