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Baingan Bharta Recipe

Baingan bharta, also known as baingan ka bharta, is a char-grilled Punjabi vegetarian accompaniment known for its rich aroma and flavour. Baingan bharta although made throughout the year, is especially savoured during winters.
IMG 7774 1200x800 Baingan Bharta Recipe

Baingan Bharta Recipe

Baingan bharta was first prepared by the Punjabis. It has been a popular Punjabi dish for a long time. With the passage of time, the dish has crossed the borders of Punjab and has become a well known dish in other part of the country as well. Punjabis usually follow the baingan bharta recipe of roasting the eggplant on open flames but many prefer cooking it by various other methods also. I love the charcoal flavor of the bharta:)As the name suggests, the main ingredient of this dish is baingan (brinjal/ eggplant). Once the baingan is roasted there are other ingredients added to it to complete the baingan bharta recipe.Baingan bharta recipe is very easy to follow as modern day kitchen amenities have made the cooking of this dish easier. It can be made on gas tops, grillers, ovens and even microwaves.

Baingan bharta is usually served as an accompaniment with roti or parantha. It also goes well with rice. This is a very popular vegetarian accompaniment relished by many. There are 224 calories in 1 serving of Baingan Bharta.Baingan bharta is popular in Punjab, Maharashtra, BIHAR, Orissa, and West Bengal. The dish has many names depending on the local language (Hindi: “baingan ka bharta”, Gujarati: “odo”, Bengali: “begun bhôrta”, Marathi: “wangyacha bharit”).

Baingan Bharta Recipe                   

IMG 7770 Baingan Bharta Recipe

Baingan Bharta Recipe


1 medium Baigan (eggplant)1/2 cup Cooked green peas1 onion chopped4 green chillies chopped1 tomato chopped4 pods of garlic chopped1 inch piece of ginger choppeda pinch of asafetida1tbsp cumin seeds1 tsp turmeric powder1 tsp garam masala1 tsp cumin powder1 tsp coriander powder1 tsp red chilli powder4 tbsp oilSalt as per tasteFresh coriander leaves chopped

MethodWash the eggplant and pat dry.Wrap it in silver foil.Roast it over open flame or in a tandoor/preheated oven until the skin scorches and starts peeling off and eggplants start to shrink. Let it cool.Remove skin and mash the pulp completely.Heat oil in a pan / kadhai.  Add cumin seeds and asafetida. Cook for half a minute.Now add chopped garlic and ginger. This imparts ginger garlic flavor to oil.Add onions and green chillies and sauté until translucent.Add red chilli powder, turmeric powder, garam masala, cumin powder, coriander powder and salt and stir.Add roasted eggplant.Cook for seven to eight minutes over medium heat, stirring continuously.Add chopped tomatoes and mix everything well.Cook on medium heat for seven to eight minutes or till oil separates.Finally add peas.

Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with rotis.

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IMG 7720 Baingan Bharta Recipe

Baingan Bharta Recipe

IMG 7768 Baingan Bharta Recipe

Baingan Bharta Recipe


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Baingan Bharta Recipe

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Baingan Bharta Recipe

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Baingan Bharta Recipe

 Baingan Bharta Recipe
pixel Baingan Bharta Recipe

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  1. Perfect Baingan Bharta… I am going to gobble it…

  2. Tes says:

    Yummy :) It looks full of flavour :)

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  5. Wow the dish looks yummy and colourful..:-)Thanks for posting Anita..:-)

  6. Verma says:

    it's look delicious…like your recipe…beautiful pictures!!

  7. Sejal says:

    I thought about checking your blog AFTER I started my bharta. I was distracted. :( Your photos and recipes are amazing!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a real winner to me! I would love to try some.
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